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There are two different Michaelas. One is crazy and outgoing and stylish and thin and pretty and funny and smart and artsy and charming and spontaneous and free. Another is rooted, unwilling to bend, won’t take risks, is too lazy to do anything, attractive, thick, scared, childish, worried, wanting. My heart and soul are constantly wavering between the two and I can’t seem to pick which one I am. I’d like to be both but my choices are keeping me from being one or the other and I’m not entirely sure I want to be either.



nothing gets by you xbox support 


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hannibal gets so offended by being accused of things he actually did




Stephen fry ladies and gentlemen


so if we all could just pretend that squidward was a fireman or some guy in an ambulance, then i’m sure we could all pull together and discover what it truly means to be in a marching band

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Fred: Okay team let’s split up

Me: *worries for the wellbeing of shaggy and scooby*

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